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FOR NEW LISTENERS: This podcast is a mix of sketch and social commentary. How long is it? Long enough...(seriously though, about an hour).

JULY 30, 2018:  In episode #12, I talk about my return to social media after months of absence to focus on myself. I get honest about what has been going on with me, including changes that have made me take control of my life better and I talk about the importance of taking care of yourself mentally/physically. Oh, and I throw a little Star Trek: The Next Generation chat in there too.

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Episode Four: Am I A Woman?

I'm a tomboy. I never understood why so many people (throughout my life) feel the constant need to criticize me and tell me that I'm not woman enough. I don't wear makeup all the time, I like wearing sneakers....and of course, that means I'll never get married and have kids....because you know, me liking sneakers means I'm going to die a spinster.

Cristela Alonzo