This episode discusses what happens what ignorant people say when they're allowed to be as hateful as they want and remain anonymous. I posted about my mother coming to this country and Twitter let me have it. HOW DARE SHE COME TO THE US ILLEGALLY? OH SHE CAME HERE LEGALLY? HOW DARE SHE COME TO THE US LEGALLY THEN??

Episode Four: Am I A Woman?

I'm a tomboy. I never understood why so many people (throughout my life) feel the constant need to criticize me and tell me that I'm not woman enough. I don't wear makeup all the time, I like wearing sneakers....and of course, that means I'll never get married and have kids....because you know, me liking sneakers means I'm going to die a spinster.

Episode Three: Recycling To The Oldies

This week, I talk about how innovative my mom was in making things last. I'm reminded by it because this past weekend, I met so many mothers at the Mother's Day show I did and it made me nostalgic. I also discuss great and terrible songs I used to love and why being a maid was my dream growing up.

Episode Two - The Race Card: The Final Frontier

In this episode, I get nostalgic over my breakfast, which leads me to talk about my favorite day of the week growing up. I also discuss how I don't get it when people get annoyed with "how much I talk about being Latina" (seriously, I don't get it) and we start tapping into my love of sci-fi, which I'm sure won't be the last time we delve into this. We also talk about what I'm into this week....