Anything For Selenas...

I woke up this morning craving pancakes.  I didn’t want to go outside so I ordered room service, which means they’ll cost $100. Now I’m sitting on the typical hotel chair that they put in rooms. The kind that looks like it COULD be comfortable but when you sit on it you realize, it’s just for looks.

I opened up my laptop and remembered that I wanted to check out the Selena tribute on the Billboard Latin Music Awards. 

I didn’t want to see it live.  I wanted to catch it later.  I think part of me was kinda nervous about seeing it.  I wanted to make sure the tribute was fitting for someone like a Selena. It sounds weird but even though JLO was the perfect candidate to sing the tribute since she played her in the movie…I was afraid she would stand out and the Selena of it all would fall to the sides, if that makes any sense.

But it didn’t.

When Pedro Fernandez (I still call him Pedrito) introduced the tribute and they started showing pictures of Selena, I found myself instantly crying, balling.  I wasn’t expecting it. I really wasn’t.  Seeing the pictures and knowing that Los Dinos, (Selena’s band) was playing…her family was playing made me so emotional.  I get teary-eyed just writing about it right now.

The way the video of the tribute was done was perfect.  To me, JLO’s presence was enough for me to acknowledge that she was there but really, it wasn’t about JLO being there. They could’ve just shown pictures of Selena and played her albums and I would’ve been happy.

I get overwhelmed when I see how many people still love Selena. That love is so pure and genuine.  On Twitter, I get into chats with people about Selena all the time. We talk about her like she's still alive...and maybe that's because in a way, she still is. Twenty years after her death and she still means so much to so many. She grew up a couple of hours away from my hometown. She made it. She made it by being herself. She gave hope to so many. 

I remember watching Selena y Los Dinos on The Johnny Canales Show.  I remember the Sunday morning with the barbacoa and tortillas, sitting down and watching her perform. I remember not realizing how special that was until she passed. I remember it so vividly now.

I wish I could put into words what she was and what she still is to so many of us.  She was one of us and I don’t mean Mexican. She was one of all of us. She was a regular person that stayed humble throughout the fame.

It’s funny.  When I saw her tribute, I felt compelled to write about it because it’s important to talk about her and keep her memory alive.  She needs to be remembered so that kids….the future “Selenas” can see that anything is possible.

When I listen to her music, it's so bittersweet. I love the songs but I hate that she's not around anymore.  Then again, I'm thankful that she was part of my life, if even for a second.  

Short blog but sometimes you only have to write what’s necessary.  

No me queda mas.