The Two Bitchy Girls That Saw The Avengers...

Yesterday, I posted this on my Facebook page:

When someone makes fun of you because "you're different"....take it as a compliment. I have all my life. I never fit in. I was made fun of. It's tough but remember, all great things were created by "different" people. People that think like everyone else are incapable of thinking outside the box. Don't be hurt by their words. Feel sorry for them.

I wrote it because sometimes I feel we need to hear those words. 

I've never fit in. 

I was never the girl that dreamed of being a princess; I was the one that wanted to play football. I've always liked wearing wigs and costumes for fun and doing silly characters to make people laugh. I had a Barbie once and chewed off her legs within the first week of having her. I grew up collecting baseball cards and reading comic books. During the summers, my brother would give me book reports to do. I'd study French and even did math assignments from a book called "Arithmetic for College Students" for fun. 

I was a nerd. A geek. And I was happy about that.

I guess it's because of this, that I get really excited when movies like The Avengers come out. It makes me feel like it's one of those rare times where people like me, get to have their moment. Week in and week out, you get the same movies that hit the screen: the romantic comedy about two absolutely gorgeous people that can't seem to find love, the comedy that has the "hilarious" masturbation jokes and something involving the human, interchangeable Swatch watch bands: Seth Rogen/Jason Siegel/Jonah Hill.

So, I saw The Avengers last night. You don't get how big of a deal that is.

I rarely see movies. I go MAYBE once a year, sometimes there have been years where I just don't go. I NEVER go opening weekend because I hate dealing with crowds. I L-O-V-E comic book movies though and had been waiting for this one for a while (and the new Batman, YAY!) so I figured I'd bite the bullet and go check it out.

I decided to go to see the movie at the Arclight, a chain of movie theaters that lets you pick your seats when you buy the tickets. I love this feature because I like sitting at the end of the aisles so that I can have Steve on one side and NO ONE on the other side. 

When we got to the theater, I instantly got really happy looking at other Avengers' fans. There were people in costumes, little kids wearing homemade capes, fans holding their big 10-gallon tubs of popcorn and Olympic swimming pool-size cups of soda; I felt at home. It's this indescribable feeling you get when you know you're experiencing something with people that are as excited as you are. I get that same feeling when there's a new Star Trek movie that comes out or when I've stood in line to get the new Apple product: we're all just happy to get to see/be part of things that make us happy.

So we finally got in and took our seats. Everybody was coming in, trying to find their seats quickly to get the movie to start ASAP. I was excited because I KNEW they'd be playing the Batman trailer in the previews.

I see two blond girls in their 20's walking towards my section. They were on a double date but wanted to sit together. Their seats were behind me and they were talking about their hair. One of them had gotten a Brazilian blowout. They were talking loud enough to wear I could hear them perfectly. I was hoping they'd stop talking when the theater went dark. They did. For a second.

The first trailer they played was Batman. The theater clapped and cheered. I was one of those people. I was EXCITED! That's when it happened. Those two blond girls laughed. One of them said, "Gross. Clapping over a movie?" To which the other girl laughed and replied, "What do you expect? We're seeing a movie with a room full of geeks. Eww." 

These two, bitchy girls started making fun of everyone in the theater, mocking us for liking comic books and wanting to see this movie. They had been dragged by their dates and were ready to be miserable the entire time. Every time someone showed an ounce of excitement for Batman, they would make fun of them. Relentlessly. 

Then the trailer for Prometheus played and a lot of us in the theater clapped when we saw Ridley Scott's name in the credits. The girls started with their bitchy remarks again, "Oh! We're so excited! It's the new Harry Potter!" "We like dumb stuff!"

During a battle scene in the earlier part of the movie, the audience cheered and one of the girls said, "You're all so stupid."

It was then that I remembered what I had written on Facebook earlier that day. These two girls were judging everyone in the theater because they couldn't understand why WE were really happy to be there and they weren't. We liked something they didn't and they were mocking us. They were miserable and wanted us to be miserable as well. 

I couldn't let them win.

I had been waiting for this movie for such a long time. I came out during the opening weekend just to see it. I wasn't going to let them ruin it for me. It was at this moment that I turned around and stared at them for a long time and said nothing. I even think the words "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" actually came to mind. They saw me staring at them and I think they finally realized that they were being way too loud with their crappy comments. With that, they shut up. For good. Not one more word was heard from them again.

It made me feel like there was truth to what I had written on Facebook. To these two girls, the "geeks, the losers" that were watching the movie were beneath them. Not because these girls are better than us but because we like something they don't. I got really angry for a second. I actually felt like hitting them because honestly...they really hurt my feelings with what they were saying.

In the end, I realized the hundreds of people laughing and having a good time watching the movie were not the one's with the was the two, pathetic mean girls that have to call us names to make themselves feel good. They're the ones with the problem.

And I feel sorry for them.

P.S. The movie was great and this "geek" can't wait for Batman.