I don't normally like to say things good things about myself because I don't want to give you the illusion that I'm building up a self-esteem but I figured this was a time where I had to say something:

I was told yesterday that I'll be making my late night TV debut in August on Conan.

The show is on reruns for part of the summer and they're going to Chicago for a full week which is why I'm not doing it till August. It's actually quite perfect for me because I'm working in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Indianapolis and San Francisco this summer so it works perfectly with my schedule. I have half of August off before I head out to perform for over a 100 colleges in the fall so I hope I can get a date that sits perfectly in my off time.

I am VERY happy about this. 

So many things have been going great this year. I got new management and agency that I'm excited about. I booked enough college gigs to be the Most Requested Act at NACA Nationals which also helps me stop wondering how I'm going to pay rent for while and now I'm doing Conan on TBS.  

It's times like these that make me think, "How did I end up here?" As a daughter of a Mexican mother that only had a second grade education and never learned English, I can't believe I'm getting to do this. Part of me feels like it's a fluke but a bigger part of me feels so happy that I'll be able to represent the Rio Grande Valley on a late night show. 

Things are looking up...and I just can't believe it. 

P.S. I'll let you guys know when I have a date. Regulators, mount up!