Girly Things I Currently Love...

It's late. It's so late on Saturday that it has now become early Sunday. I got a lot of comments/likes on my nail polish that I posted earlier on my Facebook and it made me realize I NEVER talk about products I love to use. So here's a quick recap of what I'm currently in love with (no specific order).

#1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($17)

I don't wear a lot of makeup. I can put on everything in 5 minutes. I don't wear foundation, only concealer to cover dark circles under my eyes (I have them naturally DAMN IT). This foundation is awesome because it's a little thicker than normal which is good for someone like me because I sweat a lot and it doesn't come off. It's under $20 and a great investment because I think MAC does a fantastic job in having a lot of shades so fitting your skin tone is a lot easier with this brand than others.

#2. Nicole by OPI Drying Drops ($8)

Look, we've all been there. We polish our nails and wait for them to dry only to realize that you need to use your hands for something important (I usually get a crazy itch on my head at that precise moment). Well, fret no more because these little drops are heavenly. I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical when I bought these but they work great. You fill the dropper and a minute after you apply your final coat, squeeze a couple of drops on each nail and they'll dry and harden within 2 minutes. Promise. It's ridiculous. It adds shine too so for $8 bucks, it's totally worth it.

#3. Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Vanilla Verbena Home Fragrance ($15)

If you want your apartment/house to smell great, this is what you want. The scent isn't strong yet you always know it's present. It's the perfect scent that a guy won't mind (my boyfriend hates things that smell too frilly) and it's part of their aromatherapy line which I have to admit, I think does make me feel a little happier since I started using it. The fragrance itself is $6.50 but for first-time use, you'll have to buy the plug-in which retails for $8.50 but if you're familiar with Bath and Body Works, then you'll know that you rarely ever pay the retail amount for anything. They always have ridiculous sales going on. I bought 6 for $24 (that is a combo of both the fragrance AND the plug-ins)...not bad.

#4. Sodastream ($80)

OK, so this isn't necessarily "girl" but I love sparkling water. I stopped drinking soda and replaced it with sparkling water. I can usually drink about two liters of sparkling water every day which really adds up in regards to money and plastic bottles. I hate having those bottles laying around because they just take up space until you get rid of them. Enter the Sodastream. There are different models and prices. I got the second cheapest model they had (I got it on sale at Macy's).  It doesn't run on batteries or electricity and when you buy the unit, it comes with a small CO2 tank that makes 30 liters of water. You'll have to replace these every so often, depending on how much you drink. In the end, this bad boy saves you money and I love that I don't have to deal with plastic bottles again...oh, and if I have to mention it...the Sodastream obviously makes soda, most units come with a little sample pack so that you can make your own Coke, Diet Coke, home to see what you like best.

#5. Chi Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Flat Iron ($22)

I got a new haircut that looks a little like Vanessa Hudgens' haircut, really polished on the top and then kinda messy on the ends. She has naturally wavy hair and I pretty much don't but this little flat iron has been helping me fake the waves perfectly. I just take the ends of my hair and twirl them in the iron for a couple seconds. It takes about a minute to warm up and because of the size, it leaves my hair with a natural looking wave...and of course because it's a flat iron, it straightens your hair out great too. It's tiny and that makes it perfect to travel with too. P.S. I bought mine at a Best Buy near Minneapolis.

I hope you liked my list. I'm a real nerd but I also like being girly at times. I'm not sure if these things are considered pricy or not but I can tell you one thing: Sometimes you have to spend a little bit more to be able to save money in the long run.